The Power in Trying

โ€‹For days now I have been putting off taking the time to fix some weird concept about molecular biology into my little head. I knew I had to learn and understand this particular concept which bothered on immunology *sounds very simple right?* specifically the part of immunology that dwells on Antibody diversity,but anytime I remember all the structures I had to properly study and the gruesome hours it would take to do so, I always end up putting it away.Before going to bed last night I decided that today I was going to the library, probably seeing other people with their heads in their books would spur me to action.

 I woke up 6:30am, had my bath, ate a breakfast of a plate of beans and the biggest loaf size of bread the cafeteria had as I wanted my belly full so that I wouldn’t give myself an excuse of being hungry to escape getting today’s work done. After eating I headed to the library, I got there quite early, say 8am  so I went to the topmost floor to avoid seeing someone I know, I chose a seat in the corner of the room, set down my books and activated #SeriousMode,looked straight into my book and said to myself. ” I got this!” But for the first 45mins it seemed the universe was against me as I just couldn’t keep my eyes open, I felt so sleepy that my pen kept falling off my hands, on some other day I would just put my head down on the library desk and sleep. Today wasn’t gonna be that day, today was gonna be different, I kept fighting off sleep wondering what cosmic powers were against me again today *i had forgotten that I took a heavy meal that morning–beans !- I did a course on the mechanism behind feeling sleepy after a heavy meal in my sophomore year.* Funny how I hardly apply the things I learn to myself, but if it was a friend of mine going through this ordeal, I would gladly rant out how he has disobeyed some biological laws. Back to the matter, I persevered, I fought hard and came out victorious, I conquered sleep and at about 9:15 I was as lucid as a japanese sphere of rock-crystal. Drilling, dissecting and assembling through “antigen diversity”and by 2pm I had a rough idea to build on, and by 5pm I was good to go. I looked up from the books on my desk and smiled at my accomplishment. At that moment  I could teach anybody anything about “antigen diversity”.* Well, to a considerable extent* as I looked up, I noticed a little drama unfolding, I sat back to observe; and I sensed that the boy beside me was somewhat uneasy and kept staring towards his left,I followed his line of vision and alas it was a girl, quite goodlooking, with a nice pair of eyes and pouting lips, I observed how his  mind seemed to have melted away from his control as he couldn’t lock his eyes on his book for up to a minute without staring towards the belle. At this point I decided I had read enough for the day packed my books and was about leaving when the belle also seemed to be packing as I stood up I noticed the young man still staring, I whispered to him; “she’s leaving” and for a moment he smiled at me and with alacrity  started packing too before I could say jack robinson he was just a few strides behind her and I heard him whisper something, she turned,looked at him with a dazzled look on her face, and quicken her steps, he followed her and I could see his mouth moving till they both turned the corner with the girl still walking fast, as I gently packed my books I decided I would get ice cream on my way to my hall of residence as a reward for my productive day. 

On getting to the ice cream shop, I saw my youngman and belle with cups of ice creams in hand sharing a laugh heartily. I  smiled to myself ; I was victorious today and had inspired another young man to victory, though our victories were of various forms, we had both tried and had come out conquerors ;)talk about the power of trying;)


3 thoughts on “The Power in Trying

  1. WoW!!! a personal quest and a generous help…….sounds like a great day!!! i can relate to this so much…….and yes, there is immense power in trying……. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    p.s. please don’t mind but maybe consider breaking your post into paragraphs…….it would really help stupid people like me!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


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